Temptation – a Limerick

20130512-082842.jpg (image from R.A.N.D.O.M.)

Mary has us writing about temptation over at dverse. I’ve been tempted to go and see the new Star Trek film, so I’m short on writing time, and so offer a humble little limerick:

A woman who had sought redemption,
spent many years in contemplation.
She finally emerged –
going on a big splurge,
for she found she preferred temptation.


40 thoughts on “Temptation – a Limerick

  1. haha…women and shopping…smiles…usually not a big temptation for me but i have some friends that would def. underline your last line with a red marker…smiles

  2. Yep, shopping used to fill an emptiness inside and burn a hole in my pocket. I do not like to shop anymore.

  3. After I read your limerick I burst out laughing. That kind of temptation I can empathize with. And succumb to! Thanks for this.

    • I think we can all get tempted to purchases relating to our hobbies and interests. A colleague of mine has had his secretary try and limit his book purchases to one a day!

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