The Master


She is always in search of the Master.
Forever chasing her wisdom vision:
live philosopher – not alabaster.
Seeking inspirational companion
to end spiritual journey’s solitude,
and find truth, her long sought after mission.
Occasioned moments of beatitude,
as souls connect, caress and mingle meet,
but this gives way to slight ingratitude.
No mere mortal human can dare compete:
she wants a grander, ultimate Master –
of a capital “M” he is deplete.
Urgency builds, she won’t let it past her
until she finds – she is – HER own Master.

Tony over at dverse has as experimenting with Tezra Rima


34 thoughts on “The Master

  1. live philosopher – not alabaster…ha cool line that…and i like the revelation in the end that she is her own Master…nice tip toward the spiritual as well…often people go there looking for theirs, surely…nice use of the form….

    • Too often we look outside ourselves and get a little lost. We all need some self-reflection know and then to see what mental patterns we repeatedly get trapped in.

  2. Lovely, Rowan; the rhymes work really well – and I love the live philosopher – not alabaster line, which in my voice is a perfect rhyme with master … smiles. Enjoyed hearing you read it too – although I think it is be-at-it-ude.

    • Tony, you caught me dithering. In my first notes I used the slang “beautitude” (beautiful attitude), but I felt “beatitude” had the better meaning, and was more fitting for the form. However, I prefer the sound of the former. When I recorded it, I slipped back to that. However, you’ve also made me realize that in the change, I’d gained an extra syllable, so I’ve now edited both the written and the spoken. Thanks for the prompt and for keeping me sharp : )

  3. …we are our own master… and we just need to embrace it… no more affirmation on things naturally given to us… smiles… loved the doubting feel i had here…

  4. It can take a while to find that we are our own master but so good when we do. You know this makes me think of Queen Elizabeth 1st… what a master in almost alabaster. 🙂

    • To be have such power, and to be a woman in that time must have taken a very strong head (I didn’t mean “taking heads” as a pun, but now I read my comment back it could be) : )

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