Writers’ dare

Do you dare turn over the stone?
There might be a poem beneath
lying in dark shadows alone.
Do you dare turn over the stone?
Granite grinds against finger bone,
as mica sparkles underneath.
Do you dare turn over the stone?
There might be a poem beneath.

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50 thoughts on “Writers’ dare

  1. smiles…nice metaphor in the stone…
    do you dare…writers do certainly
    knowing that what is on the other side
    could devastate you, but also could
    do so much more…

  2. Love the form and presentation. Your voice is great textured and beautiful in sound. I love repetition, and short crisp word choices. I like VERY much! And yes, this is where I live, turning over stones, of writing from the stone I live under. TOuched me just right.

    • I should be so lucky
      All I ever find under stones and rocks is slugs or bugs.
      About time they started writing poetry instead of denuding my garden 🙂
      Well done with the form Rowan, although by now I am so confused that I can’t remember what it is called, after writing it a few times. Time for a long break.

  3. Oh I dare! Love delving for the hidden and sometimes giving words to the unspeakable…

    Anna :o]

  4. Lovely triolet….some amazing things can be found in places where no one has looked before…under stones, behind doors, in closets, in the forest, beneath other things 😉

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