Three notable trips

Trip 1:
“I hope your not tripping..”
Like a rabbit in the headlights,
I freeze with paranoia.
I’m recovering from a wild night,
and I’m dumbfounded that she knows.
Then – my addled brain finally
processes the rest of her question:
“…on that loose bit of carpet outside your bedroom?”

Trip 2:
We’re emigrating, flying long-haul,
a sweet little old lady sits next to us:
she has the aisle seat.
She also has dementia.
She’s taken off her skirt,
and sits in her stockings and suspenders.
She makes regular attempts to run
for the emergency exit doors.
She believes she’s being held
hostage in a supermarket.
The attendant requests us
to do whatever we can
to keep her in her seat during landing…

Trip 3:
Transit Hong Kong, then on to Rotterdam;
from there visit my home country, before
setting off for Switzerland, and moving
on to Amherst, Massachusetts, and
Fort Bragg, Northern California.
I read Katherine Mansfied’s “The Little Governess” –
there’s a train journey:
I feel anxious.
I read Kate Roberts “Feet in Chains” –
there’s a train journey:
I feel anxious.
All this travel is exhausting me,
yet, my journey is still two months away.

Over at dverse today we’re writing about trips.


45 thoughts on “Three notable trips

  1. My goodness, you have done a lot of travelling. I laughed at your first one. Then I empathized with you in the second one, having to keep watch. And the third one? It made me tired. LOL.

  2. Fantastic trips Rowan! I know what dementia does. Those afflicted are just lost, including sadly their dignity! But you’re having fun, tiresome as it is! Wonderful take!


  3. smiles…nice range here…the first is funny miscommunication…the second is a bit scary…esp considering you do not know her but they are asking for your help…and an interesting social conundrum in it…the last, smiles, what we read can def impact our feelings about a trip…think i like the middle one best…

    • For a good part of the flight we got the evil eye from fellow passengers who were obviously thinking “how could you bring your mother in this condition on such a long flight?”, but towards the end they realized, and we got a round of applause for keeping her in a seat!

  4. I like the different versions of the trip ~ The first one is really funny, the second one reminds me of people you meet along the way, and third one, it takes some time to settle down after a long trip ~ Good responses ~ Smiles

  5. All three trips are so well recorded; the first drew the intended laugh, the second had me squirming in discomfort; the third is a powerful reminder of just how tiring travel can be.

    • I get particularly anxious about traveling when it’s not on my terms (i.e. my employer naturally wants me to travel cheaply, but that can also be really inconvenient).

  6. I can totally relate to these! Been there, done that for sure on the first one. Reminds me of some funny stories I need to write.
    As for the last one; it’s funny how we get all worked up/excited, and the real thing is often totally different than our imaginings.
    Excellent writes, Rowan!

  7. oh heck..what a collection..ha… and what a journey you’ve planned as well…sounds like a round the world trip almost…way cool…i felt so sad for that lady with dementia in the plane..

    • It will be a sabbatical if my employer approves it – writing the application was exhausting by itself. And the lady on the plane was actually scheduled to catch another flight once we landed, however, because of her behaviour she was met by the police, and I assume taken to hospital..I often wonder what became of her.

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