Neighbourly harvest


Quiet now – I hear a sound: autumn rustling at my door.
Strange dog of cold air rushes up to lick my face with chilled breath.
I spy a bag: gift full of fall’s fallen apples and feijoas.

Written for dverse form for all


57 thoughts on “Neighbourly harvest

    • Yes, they left the fruit without knocking, I heard the rustling, which could have been leaves, but it was the bag with the fruit. By the time I got to the door they’d gone, so I missed their dog bounding up to me, but got the cold air instead!

  1. NICE! love fall as the dog coming to lick your face…that is so cool…ha…we are on opposite ends….spring here…autmn though is my fav season…its always so short though…nicely done…

    • Brits speak of “autumn” rather than the “fall”, but I think the latter expression is so perfectly descriptive that it makes me want to be North American (at least in this season) : )

    • Thanks Samuel for this opportunity to experiment with a form that is completely new to me, and I really appreciate the fact it is Korean (rather than the more dominant Japanese forms).

    • Thanks Claudia – I’ve just been out for a walk, meeting plenty of real dogs as well as the wind; I even foraged from a fig tree, so my fruit bowl is almost overflowing from the season’s harvest!

  2. This is a perfect description of non-Spring.
    Sorry, don’t want to mention the A word just yet 🙂
    Love the metaphor of the cold air coming through the just opened door.

    • My brother produces his own cider, so I often get updates on how the weather/birds etc. are treating his apples. He’s even made his own apple brandy, with a retired chemists help!

  3. I loved the “Strange dog of cold air” line; that’s such a super image, so evocative. While you have autumn, here it is meant to be Spring, which probably explains why there is fresh dusting of snow on the nearby hills…

    • Spring does seem to be rather lax in making a decent appearance over with you. I’m visiting the UK this summer, so I hope the weather gets its act together and puts a smile on people’s faces : )

  4. I like that second line. The seasons give us so much inspiration, and the “knock on the door” of autumn is relieving in a hot desert place.

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