Unheard Sound




My imagination

won’t let go

of the sound.




Just that one heavy sound:

weight – gravity – ground.




or maybe he

let out a cry

as his feet first slid

from the roof..




then the T-H-U-D


He has no memory,

other than it was raining

earlier that day.




bronzed muscular arms

fastening smiling tiles

on balanced sunny roofs –

all in a day’s work..




when we meet again

his arms lack tone and tan,

he’s less jovial, more subdued.


he fell







Left side:

arm broken,

pelvis shattered.

It’s been a slow recovery,

but he can manage

my small gutter job.

He doesn’t remember,

and I wasn’t there,

but I’m still hearing

the sickening sound..




Linking up to dversepoets open link night. I’ve limited my exclamation marks to one at the end. Please let me know if you think I should use more.


32 thoughts on “Unheard Sound

  1. Your word choice and use of capitalization give this poem a concussive feel. I think that the exclamation point at the end is nice, but I don’t think that it needs more. You’ve told a sad story nicely.

    • Thanks Heidi. I kept thinking how onomatopoeia in comic books always come with exclamations, but then I figured it would be irritating to see so many that I just left it for the final ending. Good to check it’s what people would prefer.

  2. I love your inventiveness here – I thought the whimsical formatting would portend a light and airy poem. This was a surprising kick in the head and heart, great! Mosk

    • I don’t do well with heights, and I even have a vertigo by proxy sensation when I think of someone I know climbing high, so that this happened to someone I know (and I really lovely guy) meant I couldn’t shake imagining the sound.

  3. I must say you are a very creative poet… there’s always something different when I visit! Although this sounds as if it might have been a worrying scenario. I hate it when my husband gets up on the roof to clean gutters etc…it always scares me, it’s such dangerous work. Anyway it inspired another terrific poem. 🙂

  4. To be honest, there’s enough impact in the telling of the story, the arrangement of words and sound words that it doesn’t require exclamation marks at all. 🙂

    Terrifying how fragile and how things can really change through a fall and a hit on the head.

  5. I didn’t quite know where this was going at first…..scary to watch people working on high girders and scaffolds…well painted and executed poem!

  6. (very late commenting, i know… ugh)
    wow, this is scary… and oh my gawd i absolutely ADORE these lines:
    when we meet again
    his arms lack tone and tan,
    he’s less jovial, more subdued.

    so good!! a fantastic write

  7. I would hate to be ‘you’ if indeed you were there. Not a very positive memory but I would imagine it is so true as you say “all in a day’s work”. People do what the do for a living and go back and do it again. Nicely written.

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