A Birthday Limerick

A man came from Kingston-upon-Thames,
who was popular with all the femmes.
I just had to agree
saying please come with me,
and I tried out my French with “je t’aime”.

I’ve never really known what to make of limericks, but as a birthday message I came up with this…still don’t know what to make of them


3 thoughts on “A Birthday Limerick

    • Thanks Heidi. Do you have links to any of your limericks, as I’d love to take a look? I’d be keen to see what you’ve created, especially after your palindrome wizardry the other day!

      • Oh, thank you Rowan, I’m blushing. I have two that have been posted anywhere. One is on my blog and it is called “Six Years Was Way Too Long.” It was for a FWF prompt and a practice in trying to get the meter of limericks, so I don’t think it’s very funny. I don’t know how to embed links into comments, but I think I have it to where if you click on my name above this reply, it will take you there. The second one was posted in the comment section (the 72nd comment) on the Mad Kane’s Humor Blog Limerick off (http://www.madkane.com/humor_blog/2013/04/07/stack-limerick-off-monday/). You are probably familiar with her through dVerse, and there are some really good limericks posted on her weekly contests. Actually, it was after reading her post on dVerse on how to write a limerick that I really tried it.

        Okay, I am overtaking your comment section, sorry! Thanks again for the compliment.

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