Poetry Troll

The Poetry Troll
lives in a hole named: “Provocation”,
under a metaphorical bridge
over the River Torment,
where torrents of flowing fish
find their words viscerally baited
by the troll’s obnoxiously hooked lines.

Swim upstream, reach higher, higher
take our rhyme schemes out of reach,
where the troll’s thoughts can’t impeach
through integrity’s safely hidden brier.

There you will see the harmlessness of this poetry troll,
for s/he’s nothing other than a bore and so incredibly dull.


35 thoughts on “Poetry Troll

    • I was thinking about Internet trolls, and then the troll from the children’s story “The Three Billy goats gruff”, which is itself quite poetic with rhyme and all : )

  1. ha, oh yes there are trolls out there…they think they know it all and the only way poetry should be done, at least that is my experience with them….looking only to provoke a response to get our ire up…smiles…i know them well..smiles…cool write

  2. Oh I do think trolls certainly live in their own torment then take great pleasure inflicting others with pain… interesting take on the prompt and quite topical in this social media age. Great write!

    • I’ve been reading a lot of new column comments where trolls have been distracting people from the central issues with their provoking statements, so it seemed like a timely monster to write about!

  3. Trolls have a decidedly overblown ego with a sense that all game is rightfully theirs for the taking! But a poetry troll is like a good witch/bad witch scenario! A very clever piece of writing!

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