End of Time’s Summer

Alternative version of image:Wooden hourglass ...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Invisible movement
Time stretching
Hands rotating
Minutes of space
Hour extra
Clocks go back


Back go clocks
Extra hour
Space of minutes
Rotating hands
Stretching time
Movement invisible

For dverse today we are writing palindromes.


29 thoughts on “End of Time’s Summer

  1. ha….seriously we need to nix this whole time change thing…it just messes with my sleep patterns….well played…i like the mirror flipped in this….and flows smooth….

  2. smiles…we just started day saving time two weeks ago..my uncle always hated it because all the cows on his farm were confused cause they’re used to regular milking hours

  3. Enjoyable…the time change however doesn’t seem to effect me much anymore. The smart phone used as alarm clock and being sleep deprived take care of things more or less automatically.

    • Thanks for the prompt. One of my favorite semordnilaps is Dylan Thomas’s place name in Under Milk Wood, which makes use of the Welsh double L sound (LL = th): Llareggub .

  4. Fun — good image choice too.
    Turning back clocks always confuses me.
    Us dyslexics are hurt by such things.
    Palindromes do the same to our minds.
    BTW: perhaps your center line should be “Tick-Tick”

    • Hi Sabio, I’m certainly affected by variations to my sleep pattern. “Tick-Tick” has repetition, but I can’t help thinking of deathwatch beetles climbing about in people’s walls going “Tick-tick” – that’s probably just me though : )

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