Mirage vase


(image by Alice Rose)

A diamanté:


flat, two-dimensional

pretending, portraying, imitating

picture, painting, ornament, urn

standing, opening, holding

physical, solid


A cinquain:

A vase..

or a painting..

two or three dimensions..

flattened ceramic’s plumped shading:


Read about Alice Rose’s mirage vases


47 thoughts on “Mirage vase

    • Thanks, these were fun to play with. Alice Rose with her mirage vases reversed the idea of a painter seeing a 3D vase and painting it 2D, and took a 2D vase image and made them into a ceramic, which blurs the distinction between 2D and 3D…and then my poem tries to make the vase out of words.

  1. Original. The reversal between the styles works cleverly and beautifully.

    There is much about your personal style hidden between these lines Rowan.

    • I have one of these vases in my lounge and it really looks quite surreal, as if a something from a cubist painting had come to life in physical form. I couldn’t help putting it into words, but sparsely, as its somewhat elusive.

  2. nice…cool the first is rather in the shape…my wife loves vases…the more colorful the better…i got her one that has flowers in the glass it is made with….def a cool set of verses…smiles.

    • I first write, unevenly, in my notebook, so when I type it up, it’s fingers crossed as to how the shape looks! Fortunately, the diamanté made a vase shape for me.

  3. I remember a professor had a pointer and a his computer kept track of it in 3 dimensions. He used this pointer to trace ancient pottery. For some reason the 2-D mirage and 3-D vase reminded me of this nifty gadget. The transformation of one object into the next is an interesting exploration.

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