Ode to Bakelite


Behold now! The original! The first!
safe resistance to electrical heat,
early plastic pioneer, a preserved
combined phenol and formaldehyde feat.

Once, whispering – sweet nothings in your ear,
once, fingers – fumbling for you in the dark,
searching your switch to let the light in.

Now, museum piece that once was so near,
declared historic chemical landmark,
you’re a fashion statement for retro resin.


4 thoughts on “Ode to Bakelite

    • I was delighted to have a 1940s phone converted to be used with modern lines – only problem is that the dial isn’t suitable for touch tone, so “please select from the following options” confounds it!

  1. oh nice..i so remember how exciting it was when we got our first phone..it was green…smiles…and then to hear my aunt’s voice who was living so many miles away as if she stood right next to me…wonderful ode to a machine that changed the world

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