Cameo of John Milton

Due to his long hair and sensitive manner, the great blank verse writer, John Milton (Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained), was known at University (Christ’s College, Cambridge) as the “Lady of Christ’s”. In this poem for dverse poets we hear from the writer’s cameo.


I do bear his resemblance, you know.
I might not have his words:
blank verse is certainly beyond me,
but I do most certainly look like him.
I’m especially proud of my hair.
Come nearer now and see the fine texture.
Ah, yes, how my hair flows and falls over my collar.

Of course, I am only shell,
carved from an Italian crustacean.
But, then as John recalled,
Adam was only carved from dust,
and, likewise, I also know all about Paradise.

Paradise Lost: created and brought to life
as a brooch over a hundred years ago.
Only to be sentenced to spend most of my time
locked inside my presentation box.

Oh, but Paradise Regained:
My current wearer has adapted me into a pendant.
She has presented me with a gold chain
to match my intricate cabled mount.
And – oh – heavens, when she places me
carefully around her silky, slender neck,
I come to rest at the top of her soft, warm,
and so very curvaceous breasts.
How I love to nestle snugly there
in my voluptuous paradise!

My wearer has taken John Milton as her poetic saint.
Being just a cameo, I can’t speak on behalf of John.
But speaking for myself, I have to confess that I’m
more of a rake, and quite a bit of a devil (winks).

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29 thoughts on “Cameo of John Milton

  1. haha….like the rascal of a pendant…lol..nice…i like how you use paradise lost…and paradise regained in this…i wonder if jewelry, once treasured, then lost or locked away, would feel this way in finding someone to wear it once more…its a pretty cool thought…a new lease on life for it…

    • The cameo is quite large, and as it is meant as a brooch it has a large pin. I left out how when wearing him as a necklace, he has a habit of pricking me..

  2. haha…not a bad place to come to rest…smiles… loved esp. the part with only shell,
    carved from an Italian crustacean and adam carved from dust, knowing all about

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