Road of persuasion

20130315-084851.jpg(Photo from qualitycalifornia)

roots suck like straws
draining, cracking asphalt;
sunned cat’s eyes wink imploringly
– rain comes

Cinquain written for dverse


52 thoughts on “Road of persuasion

    • Well, I’m honored, but I often think that with these short forms, it’s the mind of the reader, and their imagination (what they fill in for themselves) that really creates the success!

    • I’m so expectant for rain, I’ve even been dreaming it’s raining, only to wake up to more sun (I’ve never been so tanned, which is saying something as I’m generally pretty pale).

    • I wonder whether we think of cat’s eyes in the same way. Probably not. Here in the UK, cat’s eyes are reflectors buried in a line down the middle of the road.

      • I’m British (living in New Zealand where we also have them), so I was definitely thinking of them, but there’s the possibility of a thirsty pussycat too!

  1. I love the rain, and we have gotten a lot of it here lately. I hope it rains there soon. “the roots suck like straws” such a great image.

    • We have reflectors in the middle of the road here (to help with nighttime driving), which catch the light like cat’s eyes, and yes they do look like very large gemstones.

  2. You’ve captured the essence of North Island’s current drought here – and perfectly to form. I love the ambiguity of the cat’s eyes – both meanings are appropriate to your poem 🙂 Hope you get some real rain soon – we’ve had way too much over the last year or so.

    • Thanks Tony for your comments. When I was back in the UK for Christmas/New Year the train lines were flooded, and I couldn’t easily visit friends. However, I hear that despite the rain, there’s some regions in drought…crazy weather!

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