Golden Brown

For today’s dverse poetics challenge, I chose the exercise set by Gretchen Leary. She asked “that you think really hard of a song that has inspired you in some way, think of the moment it locked inside of you forever, and write about that moment”. There was no hesitation, as The Strangler’s Golden Brown appeared to me just as I first heard it. Here’s the song’s video on YouTube And here’s my poem:

Golden Brown


Golden – the sun beating down on me,
Brown – the rock pools that fascinate me,
Golden – the sands of the wide open bay,
Brown – the tan of our skin as we play.

Lying between the brown rock formation – a lido,
a golden opportunity to use the lilo,
our radio plays sweet golden sounds,
as we float some feet above brown ground.

Westward Ho! was my childhood home,
this one song sings of it alone.
Golden brown was the happy place I was in –
I had no idea they sang of heroin!

Listen to a reading on soundcloud (Lido: a public outdoor swimming pool and surrounding facilities, including part of a beach where people can swim; Lilo: an inflatable mattress for using at the pool).


22 thoughts on “Golden Brown

    • It’s interesting the different effects songs have on people. My ex who is older than me and new the real meaning of the song couldn’t stand it, but for me it was the local beach!

    • As a slightly older child, I came up with my own explanation for why Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s song “Relax” was banned from UK radio. I assumed we shouldn’t relax too much as the government didn’t want unproductive workers!

  1. …the tan of our skin as we play… now that’s quite engaging… thank goodness it’s march… and way too near for a summer getaway… smiles…enjoyed your words here…

    • I tried to convey an idea that our tanned skin was accidental, and that we were ignorant of ideas of the body beautiful, just as we were ignorant of the song’s meaning.

  2. I love the zinger at the end of the poem! The last poem that I read by you also had a funny challenge at the end. I like what you did with Gretchen’s prompt.

  3. Oh, yes, I too was a real innocent about song lyrics, just loved singing along. And you’ve encapsulate perfectly that wonderful childhood on the beach experience…

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