Auckland morning censorship

End of summer – Southern Hemisphere,
morning sun filters through fawn curtains.
Rising quickly, along with day,
I let the rays pour in unhindered.

Brewing black tea settles me,
and back under bedclothes I sip slowly,
watching droughted grass, trees still green,
sky hovering in blue – detached.

Ouch! Blinding bedroom eyes,
as sun has no rest for me:
a visual voice saying “Time to get up,
I’m determined – I’m stubborn.”

I close my eyes in defiance,
so sound can predominate.
There’s occasional cars,
birdsong: mainly mynas.

Now I’m trying censorship,
by reminding myself that
“Billy Collins doesn’t like
poetry about cicadas”.

Of course the cicadas pay
no heed to his opinion,
and I can not deny their presence,
besides, I really quite like them!


36 thoughts on “Auckland morning censorship

    • This my first dverse contribution, and the 3pm EST time means it’s morning with me, so I just tried to capture what was available (my guilt that I should have been up and working was transferred to the cicada dilemma!).

  1. ha. i like billy…but i lov ethe sound of cicadas as well…and ther eare plenty of days i like to shut the world out and just listen to the sounds of life around me….i like your rather playfulness around billy…that was cool…smiles.

    • I moved here from Europe 10 years ago, and cicadas still carry a novelty for me. Tonight as the sun fades there will be a silent pause before the crickets take the night time stage.

  2. I’m so glad you brought in a bit of down-under for us. And, sorry, Billy, but the cicadas are just waking up here in the desert and beginning to fill the evenings with their song and I absolutely must write of them, as I do most every year!

    • I don’t think he’d want to prohibit us, I guess it just doesn’t do it for him. But I love the little fellas. I visited Japan during summer once, where I was surprised by the size of them, and when they accidentally fly into you they pack a hefty wallop.

  3. I like your morning scene setting…could see you scrunching your eyes up to keep the sun out of your eyes a bit longer letting your ears take over. I am not a morning person…love to sleep late. I’ve always said that I would love the mornings if they only started around noon!

  4. I have the similar concern with writing of the cicadas here– the sound is intensely wonderful, and YET….thanks for confirming my decsions to write of them anyway. ~peace, Jason

  5. Hi Rowan! This is a clever and fun poem, and it makes me wish I was a morning person. This is a good prompt to use to introduce yourself. I look forward to more posts.

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