Mastery of the Loop

A to B, B to A completes the loop:
mind and body caught in a feedback loop.

Anxious thoughts of love and loss take hold, as
body’s sinews start to tighten the loop.

Surge of electric through body reclined,
taunting mind awake – a full, intact loop.

Round and around, up and down we must go;
there can be no rest flying loop de loop.

Awake as asleep there’s interaction,
conscious awareness battling with the loop.

Search everywhere for the circuit breaker,
yet there is no switch for ending the loop.

Acceptance, my remaining remedy,
let me Master this self-created loop!

This poem is for JH, with thanks to Björn Rudberg and his Memory ghazal sonnet for inspiring me to attempt the form. Audio available from soundcloud


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