Two kinds of Mother

There are two kinds of mother:
the womb mother, and
the heart mother.

The womb mother
gives birth, and as
nature intended,
she loves and protects
her offspring.

The heart mother,
whether or not a womb mother,
sees all children as her own,
and widens her ‘family’ circle
to encompass all.

The womb mother is
dependent on physical conditions,
but the heart mother is
open to all!

Dedicated to my Godson, Hayden Alexander Sinclair, whose mother, Donna, is both of the above


2 thoughts on “Two kinds of Mother

    • Thanks Mike I appreciate your comment. I like to think we can all care for each other (what ever stage of life, including animals) in a maternal way, as we all suffer vulnerabilities from time to time. So, I certainly mean ‘children’ in the widest possible sense.

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