Weather haiku

Drunk on humidity –
what has never been far,
we now say is “close”.


16 thoughts on “Weather haiku

  1. ”Drunk on humidity” I see as positive to the plant, even if I prefer a clear distinction between water and air myself. But I can be a plant. A flower. A coltsfoot. And what “has never been far” is a distance to make. The distance a plant makes is the length of its growth. When we say that distance is “close” we are anxious to make that growth. And we look forward to it, since that distance of growth “has never been far”. And I really feel like that! I will make it! I am about to! But you say “we”, as if the culture is a plant. And that means the culture is about to rise – again! The distance of the growth to make “has never been far”, and now we (you) say it is close!


  2. Here is another one:
    You (Americans or Englishmen or whatever you are) are in love (“drunk on humidity”). And that is because “what has never been far” is a race, and now your say it is a “close race” – since the Norwegians are threatening your hegemony! 🙂

    • Hi Anders,
      My last reply was using an email reply (I’ve not replied via email before), and for some reason it included my workplace information – totally unintentional. Hence, now I’ve spotted it, I’ve deleted it. I don’t work in clinical psychology (more visual/memory stuff), but over the years I’ve had many friends and students with this diagnosis. I sometimes miss the connections they make between things, but I always try to keep up : )

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