Out of my skin

Out of my skin – I wish to climb,
leave this physical world behind.
Start fighting my biology
to find a soulful ecstasy:
my mind, the spiritual sublime.

Trying to escape gendered time,
body cleaves to this heart of mine.
Need to learn a way to get me
out of my skin.

My mind is so much in its prime,
I can not help but to opine
that life could be improved – vastly,
less the corporeal that’s ghastly,
so chase my ethereal chime
out of my skin.

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Political beef (triolet)

Reading political japers,
while eating a big beef burger,
observing British newspapers.
Reading political japers,
including the horse meat capers –
Please, don’t say I’m eating Boxer!
Reading political japers,
while eating a big beef burger…

Having recently re-read Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, and considered England’s austerity measures, I found the British horse meat scandal to be most disconcerting. Audio reading on soundcloud