Religious paradox haiku

Buddhist believer
in the Holy Trinity –
accept paradox


One country, two worlds (one poem, two parts)

Part 1
Stokes Croft (rap/hip-hop style)

My hat I doff
to the folks
of Stoke’s Croft.

Busy creatin’
urban landscape
worth sustainin’.

Big on street art –
makin’ statements
from the heart.

Form a republic,
people come together,
Tesco get drop kicked.

Staffordshire’s shards
now art objects
for Stokes’ bards.

Inclusive society –
leave alone the drunks –
Stokes Croft is free.

Part 2
Tetbury (Byronic style)

Master of his dominion, so adept,
dandying up the dainty Chipping Steps.
Takes his favourite seat at the Snooty Fox,
when newcomers’ arrival his eyes clock.
Silent posture marks his territory –
eyes gaze on females so predatory.
Puffing his chest out and straightening his back,
his bombastic nature hides what he lacks.
Proudly wearing Tetbury Tailor tweed –
class exhibition is clearly his need.
He is the huntsman, they are the quarry,
makes these anxious guests leave in a hurry.
Conservative and local: he belongs –
they’re not welcome, they sing another song.

Like Winston Smith, I look for hope enough,
and dream: “If there’s hope, it lies in Stokes Croft”.

Audio available from soundcloud: Part 1, Stokes Croft and Part 2, Tetbury

Reviving Emily

(on the making of an Emily Dickinson film)

Dainty Daisy hands
crafting a poem
glue and Bible words.

Turning pages,
moving time:
bringing Emily
to the 1940s
in the 21st century.

Now she’s dancing –
in her gestures
rhythm and movement,
just as in her words.
Is she dancing
for Master?
Or a dance
for herself?

The actress
a resurrection.
Her youthfulness
to portrayal.
Once more
Emily breathes.

to us,
the actress is
arthritic joints
beginning to lock.

Emily’s dance
of renewal
the actress’s
last bow.