Not drowning, but waving

A reversal of Stevie Smith’s poem “Not waving, but drowning”

Everyone sees her, the teenage girl.
But she continues shouting:
I’m doing okay really
And not drowning, but waving.

Poor girl, she looks so pathetic
A real waif and stray.
We’d better get her some help
right away.

Hey, just like swimming through life
(The girl tries to keep shouting)
I’m loving the thrill of the waves
And not drowning, but waving.


7 thoughts on “Not drowning, but waving

    • Thanks for your comment. I tried to contrast gender, so the original was an adult man who might be perceived as being able to cope when he can’t, while in this one it’s a young female, who might be fine, but is seen as delicate.
      Cheers, Rowan

    • Great to hear from you mentalnotes1. I’m so glad you followed me, as it has allowed me to discover your poetry. I love that you include audio, as you have a really powerful voice, which I really enjoy listening too, and it helps add depth to my understanding of your work.

      • My comment wasn’t to criticize the written poem, but more to say your voice sounds really great (sometimes I feel disappointed when I hear a great poet read their own work out loud, but not n your case). I look forward to reading/hearing more!

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